Version 3.90.0 (Released at 09/04/2023)
- 4-node quadrilateral element is implemented.
- Gmsh, an open source mesh generator library, will be used to generate triangular and quadrilateral meshes.
- 6-node triangular element is temporarely removed.
- The discretization and mesh generation actions have been modified.

Version 2.0.12 (Released at 08/19/2023)
- Bug in Mainwindow GUI is fixed.

Use Collaborative Online Translation System(Read 809 times)
Use Collaborative Online Translation System on: August 14, 2022, 09:27:52 pm
I just started utilizing a third-party collaborative on-line translation system called Crowdin to help you to manage the GUI's text translation. It is proprietary software but free to FOSS projects. Below are instructions on how to use it:

1.   Go to the link: https://crowdin.com/project/hyrcanlocalization

2.   Login by creating a new profile, or using a third-party account (GitHub, GitLab, GMail etc...).

3.   Click on the language you wish to translate.

4.   Start translating by clicking on the Translate button next to one of the files. For example, HYRCAN_en.ts contains the text strings for the HYRCAN main GUI.

5.   You can vote for existing translations, or you can create your own.
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