Version 3.25.0 (Released at 09/26/2021)
- New constitutive model (i.e. Ubiquitous-joint) has been added.
- Ubiquitous-joint is included to solve fos subroutine.
- New tutorial is added to explain the advantage of using Ubiquitous-Joint model for jointed rock.
- New function added to the scripting language to enable user to extract total strain at each gauss point.
- Bug in strain contour plot generation for T6 element has been fixed.
- Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.50.3 (Released at 10/08/2021)
- Bug in filtering out the invalid surfaces is fixed.

Using Script to generate a simple slope(Read 27 times)
Using Script to generate a simple slope on: October 03, 2021, 09:41:48 pm
Hi all,

I have attached an example of using the scripting to generate a simple slope.

A user can provide a slope height and angle and the model can automatically figure out the geometry.

A user can provide a load and load offset and the script will automatically apply the load at the crest of the slope.

A user can also set up materials, although this probably a little less general and something that might need to not be scripted.

Note: There currently appears to be a bug when running this script in the load not showing on the results page. The FOS appears to have considered the load correctly however. This issue is to be raised in a separate thread on the appropriate board.