Version 3.0.4 (Released at 06/09/2020)
- Minor bug in command widget is fixed.
- Minor bug in scripting language is fixed.

Run FOS mode show "factor of safety is less than lower bound limit 0.5"(Read 492 times)
I run the program for slope at FOS mode run type, But it always show "factor of safety is less than lower bound limit 0.5",When I set  lower bound limit as 0.1 and run again. It stil show "factor of safety is less than lower bound limit 0.1" I don't know What's the problem?

attach is my input file

this means your model is not stable ..

please include your model's full script. the attached file only has one line linking to saved file!

here is the input
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no it is not it you are always sending the link to saved file. please don't save to adf and simply create script from test3 file.

to make sure you are getting it right copy the script in the separate empty folder and run the script if it runs this means you made it otherwise not correct.

by the way newmodel() will erase everything before it. so avoid that and copy the existing script.
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Sorry for my poor English. I really didn't understand what you mean.
I rebuilt a new model and save script as attach.
also save command line as attach.

your model is clearly missing the boundary condition and that's the reason for not being converged. please take a look at attached script. FOS for your model is around 2.826

I recommendation you, to spend some time and briefly study the Finite Element and concept behind it before getting started on using any program.

Thank you very much for the explanation. Now I know I didn't set up boundary condition properly.
Because I forgot use mouse to select nodes located on right,left as well as bottom boundaries. I will  briefly study Quick Start Tutorial of ADONIS again.